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Siros Hemmati to Iran Theater:

I ‘ll direct 7 dwarfs and crocodiles

Iran Theater- Siros Hemmati has been constantly active in cinema, television and theater in recent years, and at the same time he is a very active actor on the stage. .

At the  Fadjr Theater Festival four years ago, he crowned  the best actor for  the play Turkey.

 In an interview with Iran Theater he revealed:”During pandemic, I direct the social comedy show 7 Dwarfs and a Crocodile.”


In an interview with Iran Theater, Siros Hemmati, a playwright , actor and stage director, said about his new activities: "I have written a play called 7 Dwarfs and a Crocodile, which includes a short story and a long story. I have. Of course, I had presented the first draft to Iranshahr Theater Hall about 4 years ago, and the plan was approved there, and it was supposed to be performed two years ago, but the performance stopped with the start of pandemic, and I started completing play, and then I will discuss it with the management of Hall.”


He  added: "The atmosphere  is humorous and it is about a man and a woman who go to the zoo for fun and the electricity in the zoo area is cut off and interesting things happen for these two people." The atmosphere of this work is a continuation of our previous  shows Fishabad and Mazmaza, and at the same time, there is a different atmosphere in terms of presenting a critical social view, and I put a few questions.”




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