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The twelfth issue of "Namaysh Shenakht" has been published

Iran Theater- The twelfth issue of the specialized quarterly Namaysh Shenakht with the central theme of Iranian theater abroad was published in 224 pages.

This publication is one of the few non-governmental publications in the field of theater in the country, it has been published regularly since 2018 under the editorship of Nazar Ahmadi and with the scientific advice of Dr. Farhad Nazerzadeh Kermani, Dr. Saeed Farhoudi, Dr. Masoud Delkhah and Dr. Hossein Esmaili.



Like the previous ones, the twelfth issue is dedicated to a specific topic. The topic of "Iranian theater abroad" is first covered in the magazine and is presented in the form of a special issue.


"Research Journal" is the title of one of the most important sections in this issue. Other important sections  are the Jame Jahan Nama "Festival" and "Half a Look".



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