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Mohammad Reza Khaki is holding a "theater production" workshop

Iran Theater- Mohammad Reza Khaki (teacher, translator and theater director) will hold a theater production workshop at Farda Art Institute.

This workshop learns the process of performing a play from the director's point of view, based on acting techniques and how the role to be performed on stage, or from idea to performance. The most important topics in this workshop are as follows; What is an idea? What is ideation like? Who is the thinker? And how can the idea be put on the scene?


The idea as a fundamental element of thinking can be visible and tangible, and for the actor, ideation encompasses all stages of the thinking cycle, from innovation and growth, to realization.

 The first phase of the workshop will begin with a theoretical discussion and practical work on the idea.


For more information or to register can call 02188881092 or 09991401506 on WhatsApp or Telegram or http://arttomorrow. org.

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