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The show "A Thousand Curtains of Love" at the Ritual-Traditional Theater Festival

Iran Theater-A narrative of the history of Iran is the theme of a play, but the narrator of these historical periods is a genie!

The show "A Thousand Curtains of Love" directed by Hossein Tofangdar, narrates parts of the history of Iran, we see a narration from the late Sassanid period to the present time by a genie and different periods such as Qajar, Zandieh, Safavid and .. Is displayed.


The play, which is being prepared for performance at the Ritual Traditional Theater Festival, deals with the oppression that has been imposed on the Iranian people at different times and the rights that have been violated from women.


Hussein Tofangdar considers this play as a comedy and says: "The way the play is performed is imitation, and in some scenes we see Siah Bazi, and female imitation."



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