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.Ali Nasirian 's message to 33rd Fadjr provincial Theater Festival

Ali Nasirian sent a message to the 33rd Fadjr provincial Theater Festival

According to Iran Theater, based on the announcement of the public relations of the General Directorate of Performing Arts Center, Ali Nasirian sent a  message to the 33rd  Fadjr provincial Theater Festival which will be held in November in different provinces.


He wrote:” "In the mid-thirties, when the Department of Dramatic Arts was established and we gathered there, attention was gradually drawn to promising shows from the cities.”


For the first time, some of us were sent to Shiraz and Isfahan city  for technical and artistic assistance. What we found was a lack of material facilities and, more importantly, a lack of theatrical culture and technical information from acting to directing and writing and stage design. There was no book and no experienced teacher, so  talented and enthusiastic young people, relied on their spontaneous talent, worked with the information they received from all over, and occasionally did remarkable work.”


He continued:” As a result, we thought that the first step in helping them was to get acquainted with the basics and principles of theater. We decided to use the graduates of the two theater schools that was in Tehran at that time, so we could established theater training centers in the cities.”


At the same time, theater groups in Tehran traveled to other cities and performed shows that had been performed in Tehran. During these trips, we got acquainted with the youth of the city, and gradually an interesting artistic and cultural connection was established. With these details, the shows .in cities  gradually matured and became fertile, and made us think of holding a province  theater festival.”

 Ali Nasirian is a veteran Iranian actor.
Nasirian first appeared in a supporting role in Dariush Mehrjui's The Cow (1969) alongside Ezatollah Entezami, another Iranian actor. Nassirian then played the title role of Mr. Naive (1970), also by Mehrjui. His other films include: The Postman (1971), The Cycle (1974), The Mandrake (1975), Kamalolmolk (1983), Mirza Norouz's Shoes (1985), Stone Lion (1986), Captain Khorshid (1987), The Scent of Joseph's Shirt (1995), and Iron Island (2005), Masxarebaz (2019) for which he received the Crystal Simorgh award for the best supporting actor. He played the lead role in The Saturday Hunter (2011), and The Sun (2020).








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