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Ali Nasirian:

We have to bring Mubarak to modern show

Iran Theater- Ali Nasirian, a veteran actor of theater, cinema and television, said at the unveiling ceremony of the poster of the 20th Ritual and Traditional Theater Festival: I want to revive Mubarak's character in the world. Of course, it should be based on drama and social issues. In fact, we should try to make Mubarak a character in the content and structure of our today shows.”

Ali Nasirian, a veteran and prominent  Iranian actor, in the poster unveiling ceremony, which was held in Roudaki Hall, made and speech.


He thanked the organizers of the Festival who were able to continue the festival in the current difficult conditions.

 He said: "I want to ask all the talented people in the field of playwriting to think about Mubarak's character, because if this character is dealt with properly, they will realize that Mubarak is a multi-faceted and very interesting character who can see a lot of professionalism and criticism.”


Nasirian emphasized that let's laugh at ourselves in solitude, and if we can laugh at ourselves, then we can express criticism in a more lovable way, "When it comes to humor and laughter, then the category of criticism and criticism is also friendly."



Nasirian also added: "Mubarak is the pillar of our traditional plays, and if we can stage a modern and social drama that depicts our life today with the focus on Mubarak's character, you can be sure that he will easily make a  place among the people."



Ali Nassirian  is an Iranian actor and director. in 2019, at the 37th Fajr Film Festival he won Crystal Simorgh for Best Supporting Actor for his role in A Hairy Tale.

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