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The line-up of the other type of performances to introduce

Iran Theater-The line-up of the other type performances section is announced according to the secretaries of 40th Fadjr International Theater Festival.

The selection committee , Amir Rad, Saeed Behnam and Mohammad Saibani examined 40 works applying for participation in this section, in the first stage 26 works and in the second stage, after talking to the owners of the works about production and presentation, 12 works were selected.

The list is as follows:


1-In black and white / Arash Rezaei


2- Bezman / Parvin Hadinia


3-Fear and Roof / Mehdi Maleki


4-Fermentation / Reza Ghayyur


5-The poetic metamorphosis of a geisha / Masih Sadeghi


6- Robespierre / Hamed Asgharzadeh


7- Raha / Mahyar Javadiha


8-Psychosis (self) / Hossein Ghasemi ‌ Honar


9-Ghanbar Ali / Arman Ghanbari


10- Millennial Mother / Lily Aaj


11-Leading chicken / Ali Mohammadi


12-Seven to nine and a half / Maryam Khalili


The 40th Fadjr International Theater Festival will be held on February 1, 2022 under the auspices of Hossein Mosafer Astaneh.



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