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"Slaughterhouse" goes on stage in Bushehr province

Iran Theater- The play Slaughterhouse, written by Saeed Badini and directed by Fazlullah Omrani, is one of the seven plays in the Red Palm project, which will be a host the people of Deireh for five nights.

The director talked with an Iran Theater reporter in Bushehr,  he said: The play "Slaughterhouse" was written by  Saeed Badini, which has been published along with several other plays in the process of the "Red Palm" project. When this project received to the stage of public performance, I was contacted by the National Theater Association and the play was given to us. We started working in early September.”


He also spoke about the story of the play, referred to the concept of resistance and the events of the eight years of holy defense.

“The story of "Slaughterhouse" dates back to the time when Iraq intended to attack Abadan. The story is about people who gathered in a house at that time and intend to defend Abadan. These people each have a story in their past, and I think that's the appeal of the "slaughterhouse" story. They talk and plan how to save the city.”


The director of "Slaughterhouse" answered the whether there have been any changes in the play. He emphasized: “no interference has been made in the content of the play and the dialogues are the same as in the play.”

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