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Tribute to Ali Hatami on the Radio Namayesh

Iran Theater- The special program Painter of Imagination will be broadcast on Namayesh Radio on the occasion of Ali Hatami's death anniversary.

The program "Painter of Imagination" consists of two parts, in the first part it deals with the biography of the famous Iranian director Ali Hatami and in the second part it deals with his films and works of art.


"The Painter of Imagination", written and produced by Reyhaneh Yazdandoust and narrated by Fatemeh Hatami and Farzam Ranjbar, will be broadcast live this evening, Sunday, December 5, at 6:30 PM on Namayesh Radio.



Ali Hatami was an Iranian film director, screenwriter, art director, and costume designer. The Tehran Times dubbed him "the Hafez of Iranian cinema due to the poetic ambiance of his movies.

Hatami graduated from the College of Dramatic Arts in Iran and subsequently began his professional career as a writer.


He made his feature film directorial debut with Hasan Kachal (Hasan the Bald) in 1970, which was the first Iranian musical film. He wrote and directed several films that focused on Iranian culture, including Hajji Washington (1982), Kamalolmolk (1984), and Love Stricken (1992). The Tehran Times dubbed him "the Hafez of Iranian cinema due to the poetic ambiance of his movies."


Hatami was also known for directing television series; he established a small production village—the Ghazali Cinema Town—to function as a set for historical productions, which he ultimately used to produce the popular television series Hezar Dastan (1978 to 1987).In 2006, Hezar Dastan was voted by the Association of Iranian Film and Television Critics as the best Iranian television series ever made.

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