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An interview with Soraya Aminian:

The puppet Secret is based on the Tutinama

Iran Theater- Soraya Aminian, director of the play The Puppet Secret, says that the play is based on a story from Zia-ud-Din Nakhshabi's book The Tutinama.


Tutinama, literal meaning "Tales of a Parrot", is a 14th-century series of 52 stories in Persian. The work remains well-known largely because of a number of lavishly illustrated manuscripts, especially a version containing 250 miniature paintings was commissioned by the Mughal Emperor, Akbar in the 1550s.

Sorayam Aminian said: The play  The  puppet secret is written by Davood Fath Ali Beygi, which is based on a story from the book " Tutinama" by the eighth century writer Zia-ud-Din Nakhshabi has 52 stories of Indian origin and is taken from Sanskrit literature.


She added: "The story is very simple and at the same time easy. This story is made and animated by a carpenter, tailor, goldsmith and Qalandar wooden doll and is shown in the form of a very beautiful girl, an allegory of carnality or the very soul of human beings; Their spiritual aspirations are overshadowed by material and earthly desires, and these two categories are dramatically compared.”


"Puppet Secret" is one of the works accepted in the stage section of the 20th Ritual and Traditional  Theater Festival.



Aminian expressed the hope that the festival would be held every year, not  biennials and  to take a competitive form and provide a platform in a modern way to be accepted by the new generation.


The 20th Ritual and Traditional Theater Festival has been held since December 5th under the auspices of Davood Fath Ali Beygi.

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