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Helia Mirhadi:

Pragma is a common issues of family

Iran Theater- After two years of absence of the Adamak theater group, we have prepared the play Pragma for three days. The play is very good and has very powerful play reading performances, which is the strong point of this work.

This  show can be the subject of any family. Most families will face these issues sooner or later, and if they are not careful, the same disaster can affect their lives. Siblings who love each other and despite their love some issues such as money can cause confusion and discord between them.



The show "Pragma" may move you or  it does not benefit you, you will definitely forget it, but the show "Pragma" refers to a wrong law in which there is no equality and this is a big problem. In our society it is often ignored.


Let me also point out that the advertising market of such show is very poor and there seems to be no incentive to improve this situation. For years, artists have taken personal action to make their work more visible, and craftsmen do nothing to improve the situation or even promote such work. We have been hearing artists complaining about it for many years, and nothing has changed. So in general, it may not be useful to say whether we are satisfied with the current situation or not; Because there is no hearing.



You and I are left today. Artists and theater groups and audiences and who want good works but have not learned how to support such works. Therefore, as an artist, I say that the presence of the audience in the halls and the introduction of our works to others, can be an effective support for the culture and artists of the country.


I’m waiting to see you in Abbas Javanmard Hall





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