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Yukio Mishima ‘s play to analyze at Namayesh Radio channel

Iran Theater- The radio program Labyrinth of story will broadcast a work by Yukio Mishima.

Mishima Yukio, pseudonym of Hiraoka Kimitake, (born January 14, 1925, Tokyo, Japan—died November 25, 1970, Tokyo), prolific writer who is regarded by many critics as the most important Japanese novelist of the 20th century.

Mishima’s last work, Hōjō no umi (1965–70; The Sea of Fertility), is a four-volume epic that is regarded by many as his most lasting achievement. Its four separate novels—Haru no yuki (Spring Snow), Homma (Runaway Horses), Akatsuki no tera (The Temple of Dawn), and Tennin gosui (The Decay of the Angel)—are set in Japan and cover the period from about 1912 to the 1960s. Each of them depicts a different reincarnation of the same being: as a young aristocrat in 1912, as a political fanatic in the 1930s, as a Thai princess before and after World War II, and as an evil young orphan in the 1960s. These books effectively communicate Mishima’s own increasing obsession with blood, death, and suicide, his interest in self-destructive personalities, and his rejection of the sterility of modern life.          

Labyrinth of story will broadcast Pearls.



This program was broadcast for the first time on Thursday, and those who are interested can listen to its rebroadcast on Monday, at 9 pm on the "Story Labyrinth" program. Behnaz Bostandoust has narrated the story.and  Kayhan Bahmani analyzes Pearls. The biography is narrated by Reza Omrani and  the show is produced by Zhaleh Mohammad Ali.

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