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two Afghan shows to come on stage at FITF

Iran Theater- “Chehel Dokhtar Mountain” and “Coffin”, two Afghan shows come on stage in the 40th Fadjr International Theater Festival.

Emadeddin Tajik   has co-written “Chehel Dokhtar Mountain” with Ahmad Atai and Amir Hossein Alemi based on an epic story from the Uruzgan region in Afghanistan.

The story takes place almost a century ago when an army led by Abdur Rahman was sent by the central government, a mere puppet of Britain, to take the control of the Uruzgan region. Hundreds of people were brutally killed and abused by Abdur Rahman’s soldiers. 

A girl namely Shirin forms a small group of 47 Hazara girls to put up resistance to the invaders. They take shelter on the Shehpar Mountains. The army lays siege to the mountain to capture the group. To preserve their honor and dignity, the girls finally throw themselves down the mountain after a seven-day fight. The mountains were later renamed “Chehel Dokhtaran Mountains” (Forty-Girl Mountains).

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FITF finalized the jury of Radio Theater and  Other kind of Performance

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