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Qader Ashna:

We played chess with Coronavirus!

Iran Theater- In a meeting with the playwrights and Ferdowsi and Lal Badakhshan troupes from Tajikistan, Qader Ashna presented the state of theater in Iran and said that during pandemic, they tried to keep the lights of halls on.

"Sometimes we played chess with coronavirus. sometimes with 50% of the capacity of the halls  and sometimes with online shows ,we tried to survive.”
Qader Ashna, Director General of Performing Arts Center, Reza Basirat, Executive Director of the Performing Arts Association, Hossein Mosafer Astaneh, Secretary of the 40th Fadjr International Theater Festival, and Mojgan Vakili, Director General of the General Directorate of Performing Arts, met with two Tajik  Theater groups at the at Babataher Hotel in Tehran.


During the meeting, Hussein MosaferAstaneh said, "I have had the honor of traveling to your country twice and bringing back very good memories. I welcome your presence and I hope that while your works shine on the stage, a good memory of being in Iran will remain in your mind. We have witnessed the presence of powerful Tajik groups in the Fadjr Theater Festival in the past, and good memories of Tajiks  people and Tajiks are etched in the minds of Iranians. I hope this relationship will last forever and we will remain friends forever.”

Sultan Usmanov was from the "Abolghasem Lahouti State Theater" from Dushanbe city, who attended the festival with the play "Ferdowsi".

He said:” "I would like to thank all the friends who have worked hard to hold this great festival. The play that we have brought on the stage about a character who is sacred to both us and you, and is our identity card.”

Qader Ashna emphasized:” The Fadjr Theater Festival was an excuse for us to serve a number of the beloved artists of  your country. pandemic imposed difficult conditions on the world, and when we were thinking of holding the 40th Fadjr International Theater Festival, the policy council of the event suggested that we invite a country to the festival as a special guest. "From the beginning, two countries were suggested, and together we chose the Republic of Tajikistan, and this issue was also approved by the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance."


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