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The juries of the playwriting competition "Man, Art, Crisis" were introduced

Iran Theater-Naseh Kamgari, Fars Bagheri and Delshad Hossein appointed as the juries of the second playwriting competition Man, Art, Crisis.

Fateh Badparva is the director of the Performing Arts Association in Kurdistan Province.

He said: The Performing Arts Association of Kurdistan Province held the first edition of the playwriting competition "Man, Art, Crisis" in August 2020 with the priority of the pandemic crisis, and in January 2022 with the aim of strengthening the foundation of Kurdish playwriting. The call for the second edition of the competition was dedicated to Kurdish plays, which was well received by artists.

He expressed the hope that the selected works will be published by the Kurdistan Studies Branch of the Azad University  in the province, and that this artistic  event will take an effective step in promoting the region's playwriting as the basis of Kurdish theater.




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