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Babak Parham brings "Parvanegi" on stage

Iran Theater- According to Iran Theater; Parvanegi, written and directed by Babak Parham, will be go on stage at the Nofelloshato Theater from the end of June.

Parvangi is the story of a family whose daughter has disappeared, they go to her ex-fiancé to find out how the girl is doing. Then the story went back to how they met until the girl disappears.


Babak Parham, who directed the play "Tamlikha" written by Mohammad Reza Azadfar in the theater workshop of the City Theater Complex, in his second directing experience, wrote the play as well.


The cast: Mohammad Nouhian, Nazanin Chehrenegar, Alireza Al-Dawood, Mobina Sarlak, Elnaz Almasi, Arian Vakili, Mehrzad Niknam, Saeedeh Jamshidi, Fatemeh Taheri, Mohadeseh Rahmanpour and Sayeh Bakhtiari


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