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"Silent Scream" goes on stage twice

Iran Theater- The Silent Scream, directed by Mohammad Hadi Ataei, will go on stage twice in the Sayeh hall of the City Theater Complex in the last days of this week.

The show "Silent Scream" written by Mohammad Reza Ataei-Far and directed by Mohammad Hadi Ataei will be on stage in the Sayeh Hall of the City Theater Complex on Thursday and Friday May 11 and 12, twice a day at 18:30 and 20:00.

Peyman Mohseni, Mohsen Salari, Mohammad Hadi Ataei and Sara Zakrianjad are players of the show.


The plays "Doctor Noon loves his wife more than Mossadegh" directed by Hadi Marzban, "Hamlet Poshtkuhi" directed by Ebrahim Poshtkuhi, "Hangover" directed by Amin Behrozi and "Recent Experiences" directed by Hossein Kashfi_Asl is on stage in  the City Theater Complex.


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