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Iran National Pantomime Festival opens

Iran Theater- Iran National Pantomime Festival officially started with the presence of participating groups, juries, critics and provincial officials.

Dr. Ebrahim Ghasemi, Deputy Minister of Arts and Cinema of the General Directorate of Islamic Culture and Guidance of Zanjan Province, expressed his happiness for holding this artistic event and expressed hope that with the planning and support of the General Directorate of Performing Arts and the participation of artists, Zanjan Province will soon become an art hub.. He informed about the activities of the Baharan Theater Institute in the field of pantomime academic education in the past two years and specified: "We plan to hold the pantomime festival extensively and internationally from next year."

 Ghasemi reminded: "We received applications from 17 countries to participate in the festival, which unfortunately, due to the pandemic disease and some financial difficulties, we could not accept foreign groups, but from now on, we are trying to see the works of foreign artists until next year."


Following the official opening ceremony of the festival, Sasan Qajar, secretary of the festival and founder of the Iranian Pantomime House, thanked all the artists participating in the festival and said: "Some restrictions prevented us from accepting more works by the participants. Undoubtedly, this shortcoming will be compensated next year by adding several other diverse sections to the festival, as well as the presence of foreign groups.”



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