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At Aban Art House

"Mr. Zabih" Comes on stage

Iran Theater-The comedy show Agha Zabih written by Mehdi Maleki and directed by Fahimeh Aliabadi will comes on stage at Aban Art House.

The comedy play "Agha Zabih", has been previously performed or had reading performances by many directors in Tehran and other cities, it is directed by Fahimeh Aliabadi and will go on stage every night at 6 pm from 27 may to 6 of June.


The play "Agha Zabih" has won several awards in various festivals as  winner  in the first Mehregan play reading festival.

Writer: Mehdi ‌Maleki, Director: Fahimeh Aliabadi, cast: Pouya Farahani, Fatemeh Hosseini, Mahdi Maleki, Farnaz Talebian, Mohammad Kermani, Zahra Modaber, Amir Hossein Najafi, Shaden Golzar, Asal Abdollahi, Mehrab Amerian, Ali Jafari, Mohammad Pourakbar, Amirpooria Massoudnia, Assistant Director: Ali  Jafari, Photographer: Mohammad Abdi, Makeup unite: Mahmoud ‌Maleki, Makeup Manager: Mahmoud ‌Maleki, Bita Kheiri, Poster and Brochure Designer: Mehdi Asadi -Tabar, Teaser: Mohammad Ali Yaghobi

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