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Kazem Nazari on “Losses”

This kind of narrative was amazing

Iran Theater- Kazem Nazari, Director General of Performing Arts, watched the play Losses written and directed by Alireza Maarofi at the Iranshahr Hall.

He described the artistic expression of the events at a difficult period of Iran's contemporary as a difficult and intelligent task for the makers and said: The design and direction of this show was able to attract the audience and the oral history of the injustice done by one person to the society was well told.



Kazemi praised the good performances and inspiring direction of this drama: "This kind of point of view and narrative was amazing and fresh. The young people who are present in this show have no experience of the holy defense and the presence of hypocrites and the issues that happened at some point in the oral history of the country, and they have not experienced or involved with these problems, but they are concerned and have presented this issue in a creative atmosphere.


He added: "This young group, with creative design and direction, created the best situations in an empty space so that the audience like me, who had witness of  these events, understood it completely . on the other hand, they were able to imagine the events in their  minds  if  They have not seen those days. They can portray them correctly and with high impact so that the audience can understand the tragedies that happened. . This shows the intelligence, talent and capability of these young people, who are the wealth of this country and should be supported, and I think it is necessary to provide them with the conditions and platform to produce their works.


In the end, the director general of Performing Arts Center said: Certainly, we give spiritual and material support to this work and other works of concern, so that the young artists can present more magnificent works.





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