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Kazem Nazari:

We are supporters of holy defense shows

Iran Theater- Referring to the perfromances of seven shows with the theme of Iran-Iraq war, defenders of the shrine, General Soleimani and Basij in the Citizen Theater Festival, Kazem Nazari considered the sacred defense to be one of the most important themes in theater festivals.

Kazem Nazari, Director General of Performing Arts, reacted to the tweet of one of the directors of cultural institutions, which was published in a newspaper a few days ago. In this newspaper, they wrote a comment about the words of Kazem, who has offered such a recommendation to the theater festival that not to pay attention to holy defense shows.

Nazari denied it and said: I did not negate the discussion of holy defense in the nationwide Basij festival. In just one long conversation, in response to a question, I demanded more attention to other dimensions of Basij's presence in the social and cultural arena of the society, and unfortunately, my words were misinterpreted. It seems that the friends did not read that conversation completely and made a wrong judgment based on only a short clip of it.


In that long interview, I emphasized many times that the new topics that Imam Khamenei requested from Basij should be followed in the works presented at the Basij Theater Festival, and this does not mean not to pay attention to the sacred defense works. "Basij festival must follow the Supreme Leader's agenda so that we can guide our country towards development, prosperity and what he wants with public mobilization."


The General Director of Performing Arts recalled: "The General Department of Performing Arts has always supported plays with the theme of sacred defense. Throughout the year, we have several professional shows related it in Tehran’s the main halls. We have always supported the artists who have dealt with this issue and asked them to have an active presence in the festivals. In relation to the national Basij festival, we have also requested all our colleagues in the general administration of performing arts, theater associations and Basij artists not to stop supporting art groups to participate in this great festival.



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