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Kazem Nazari Condoles the death of Babak Borzouye

Iran Theater- Kazem Nazari , General director of Performing Art Center, send a condolence message, After the publication of Babak Borzoye's family statement that he passed away.

In a part of this message, Kazem Nazari refers to a famous poem by Sohrab Sepehari who believed: Death is not the end of a pigeon.


He wrote: Undoubtedly, Babak Borzoye, like his magnificent and rare works, will be always remember for  his distinctive look  in the accurate memory of the artistic community of the country forever.

Babak Borzoye, a famous media and film photographer, died after several months of being in a coma due to brain complications.

He was a Crystal Simorgh winner in photo section from Fajr Film Festival. He was 53.

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