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Kazem Nazari visited the preparation of the caravan "Aynedaran Aftab"

Iran Theater-Kazem Nazari attended the preparation site of the demonstration caravan Aynedaran Aftab and visited preparation and support of the groups that are going to perform from Imam Hossein Square to Shah Abdol-Azim shrine, following the footsteps of the Leftovers of the Arba’een walk.

The preparation and coordination of the special program were carried out in the presence of Kazem Nazari, Director General of Performing Arts Center in the parking lot of Vahdat Hall.


with the participation of more than 150 theater artists, The performing arts caravan "Aynedaran Aftab"  will move from Imam Hossein square to Abdul Azim Hosni shrine on the day of Arbaeen.

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