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Saeed Zabihi on the event "Arbaeen; beyond words"

"Love Tribe" combines mourning rituals with Ashura events

Iran Theater- Saeed Zabihi, writer, stage actor and director, talked about the combination of the mourning rituals of the western regions of Iran with the events of the Karbala saga.

The audience welcomed the two performances of "Caravan for Two" and "Love Tribe", he said.



The event "Arabeen; "Beyond Words" will be held from 15th to 17th of September in the Kermanshah, Ilam, Khuzestan, Kurdistan and Arvand Free Zone by Performing Arts  Center.



"Caravan of Two" and " Love Tribel" are two shows directed by Saeed Zabihi, which are part of the  program "Arbaeen, Beyond words" . It has performed on the border of Marivan (Bashmagh).


He explained the story of the shows: "Caravan of Two" is the story of an evil person who is cahnged on the night of Ashura when he hears the sound of a mourning and repents of what he has done so far. In order to accept his repentance, he vows to take a person to Karbala at his own expense, and now he is looking for this person.


Zabihi added: "The show "Caravan of Two" hosted audiences on Friday,  8th  and 9th of September in Qasr Shirin and Marz Khosravi. The show "The Love Tribe" will be performed until the 16th of September in the borders of Marivan, Bashmagh and in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. This is a non-verbal play designed and written by Ali Zisti and directed by me.”

He emphasized: "The show "Love Tribe" is a combination of the mourning rituals of the western regions of the country along with the three events of the Ashura day.”



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