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Kazem Nazari on Int. Drama Therapy Week

Drama therapy is a good way to socialize a person

Iran Theater-Kazem Nazari, Director General of Performing Arts Center, published a message on the occasion of International Drama Therapy Week.

He wrote: A person occasionally puts himself in the place of others and looks at the world from their eyes and plays their role, and this is creating a role or "showing character" in various ways, including catharsis psychology has a great importance in  the social life of the person.


A "balanced person" usually gets tired of constantly watching the outside world with his own limited personal vision, and feels the need to watch the world through the eyes of others, and perhaps in this way, he also tries to correct his mistakes, which we call it "drama therapy" or psychodrama or psychotherapy.


Jacob.L Moreno, one of the pioneers of psychodrama, believes that if this practice becomes somewhat common, a big step will be taken towards establishing understanding and peace in the world. His many experiments, first with his two-year-old son and later with "psycho-demonstrating" and "group therapy" methods, allowed him to universalize his theories about playing a role and its therapeutic effects, and from then on, many hypotheses came up to show the therapeutic effect of acting.  And it becomes more obvious to the world.


Kazem Nazari further stated that to prove the effect of drama therapy, it is enough to pay attention to the behavior of children in playing the role of others, including their parents, to find out how beautifully this "helping me" teaches people unlearned experiences in a role-plays format. In addition to catharsis psychology, drama therapy helps people to reduce their harmful dependencies and take a step towards independence.


Drama therapy by playing the role of others is a good way to socialize a person and improve his social behavior.



The International Drama Therapy Week is observed every year in 104 countries, which are members of the World Alliance of Dramatherapy (WAD).

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