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Kazem Nazari on the art of Ta’ziye:

We are looking for the performance of Ta'ziye in other countries

Iran Theater- Kazem Nazari praised the Ta'ziye artists sent to Armenia and emphasized that the General Directorate of Performing Arts Center is looking for the continuation of the performance and shining of this noble and Iranian art at the international level.

Kazem Nazari,Director General of Performing Arts Center, honored the group of Ta’ziye artists sent to the Republic of Armenia under the leadership of Abulfazl Mirza- Ahmadi.


Qamar Bani Hashem Ta’ziye troupe performed in the last days of Safar based on the arrangements made by the General Department of Performing Arts Center and the international department of this office.

In this meeting, Kazem Nazari said, "The  Iranian essence of  Ta’ziye is fully visible, and the General Directorate of Performing Arts Center seeks to continue the performance and shine of this noble and Iranian art at the international level."


He continued: "Mohammad -Mahdi Esmaeeli, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, has supported various forms of Ta'ziye and pays special attention to this art, which is an auxiliary element for conveying religious concepts and issues of religious history."


The director general of performing arts thanked the troupe and explained: "We have recently launched a think tank in the South of Iran for Ta’ziye and we are trying to maintain its position as a symbol of Iranian art by setting up similar centers. The dear artists who put their life and youth in this field, the market of this art is hot not only in Iran but all over the world.




Ta‘zīye (or Ta’azyeh) is a ritual dramatic art that recounts religious events, historical and mythical stories and folk tales. Each performance has four elements: poetry, music, song and motion. Some performances have up to a hundred roles, divided into historical, religious, political, social, supernatural, real, imaginary and fantasy characters. Each Ta‘zīye drama is individual, having its own subject, costumes and music

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