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Ibn Sina Culture Center to Host "Crow Thieves"

Iran Theater-The musical children show Crow Thieves is going on stage in the amphitheater hall of the Ibn Sina Cultural Center from November 15, 2022.

The show "Crow Thieves" directed by Zainab Asadi will be on stage from Tuesday to Friday at 16:30.


The story is about a kind old man and old woman (twins) who live in a sunflower field for years and have a scarecrow in the field that they made many years ago. One day, crows attacked the farm, But one of them gets injured and cannot escape. Scarecrow helps him and they become good friends.


This children show is a production of  "Sogand" troupe  and is written by Abbas Ghasedzadeh, . Komail Pourgholi, Abbas Ghasedzadeh, Mona Soreeh, Afshin Zaim, Sogand Ghasedzadeh star in the show and the music is composed by Massoud Fakour.

Ibn Sina Culture Center is located in Shahrak Gharb, IranZamin street.









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