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Mohammad-Hossein Dadashnia, director of "The shepherd and the magic stick"

Theater is our main job

Iran Theater-Mohammad -Hossein Dadashnia is the actor, writer and director of the Shepherd and Magic Stick, which is on stage at the Shahrazad Theater Complex.

He said: "Currently, we are trying to keep the theater hall light on and because we don't have another job, and the theater is our main job. "


Dadashnia directed the shows "Jump No. 2", "Zi Zi and Zu Zu", "Harmonized Strings", "The Story of Agha Mahe and Khursheed Khanum" and....

Mohammad- Hossein Dadashnia told the Iran Theater reporter about the performance of "Shepherd and Magical Stick" these days: "Before the conditions of today's society, we brought the show on stage at Ferdows Culture Center, and we received a very good reception."


The director continued: "Children and youth theater enthusiasts and children's families contacted us many times, and the audience's need for entertainment was felt for children. We decided to restage "Shepherd and Magical Stick" in Shahrzad Theater complex. "



Dadashnia said about the opinions of his colleagues and some friends about not performing in these conditions: "Many colleagues and people told us why you are working in the current situation! In my opinion, children need fun and entertainment, and happiness and good mood should not be taken away from them. "

This director, who is active in the field of children and young youth shows, said about his online performances order to keep the theater lights on during pandemic: "My troupe and I are trying to make the children's audience happy and keep the show go on during pandemic with live stage shows. We were in the era of a black disease, and thank God, our online performances were welcomed even by foreign countries. "


About the performance of this children show, Dadashnia said: "We have been rehearsing for three months, and if we did not perform, it would be difficult for us. We have no other job, theater is our main job. The show "Shepherd and Magical stick" was written in 2016, we reproduced and performed this show in different halls for children and young Youth. Since 2018, we performed this show in Yerevan and we were welcomed by Iranians in Yerevan, and we decided to perform  it again in Iran."

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