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Kazem Nazari on Tehran Province Theater Festival:

We must use the full capacities of performing arts in the cities

Iran Theater- Kazem Nazari believes that the artistic capacity of the theaters of the cities of Tehran province is bigger than the capital itself, which should be used for the development of performing arts. He considers holding the provincial theater festival as one of the ways to flourish this latent capacity.

The 27th Tehran Province Theater Festival will start on Tuesday, , October 22 at the Tehran Theater Complex.

Kazem Nazari, Director General of Performing Arts Center, believes in the necessity of holding a theater festival in Tehran province: "Tehran Province Theater Festival is an artistic event for the artists of the cities of Tehran Province, and there are capacities in this county that may be even beyond Tehran. Therefore, as the utilization of facilities and capacities increases in the cities of province, it will help the development of theater."

The general director of performing arts center continued: "I have taken over the management of the performing arts center this year and have closely observed the activities of the performing arts association of Tehran province and I have found out that due to the presence of Shafei, the performance of this association has been very good and acceptable."


"Although there are shortcomings in the performing arts association, it should be pointed out that some of the weaknesses are not related to individuals, but to financial and logistical issues that will be corrected over time. Our expectations from the Performing Arts Association of Tehran Province are more than this and Again, it is possible to use the capacities of performing arts (artists and spaces) of the county and cities of Tehran province, But it is necessary to provide a series of support for the progress of theater in the cities of Tehran province. "


Kazemi emphasizes on strengthening the theater economy of the cities: "When the livelihood, economic and cultural issues of the artist are resolved, there will be no need to migrate to Tehran and the capital of the province. For example, Shahryar is a relatively large city and has many theater groups and theater directors who live there, but why is there no platform for theatrical activity there so that these people can engage in artistic productions and perform their works in the same city? The only reason is that the facilities have been concentrated in Tehran and they have been forced to migrate to Tehran and has left their city. "


The 27th Tehran Province Theater Festival will be held from November ( 22-27) in the Tehran Theater Complex.



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