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Arghavan Hall to Host the show 35

Iran Theater-The show 35 directed by Mohammad Hassanshahi is about Malata, a fictional city with strange stories, which will be going on stage from tomorrow, March 14.

The play "35" written by Mohammad Taat and directed by Mohammad Hasanshahi will be on stage from  tomorrow in Hall No. 1 of the Arghavan Theater Hall.

The cast: Maisam Taat, Amir Hossein Qajar Damghani, Ali Abbasi, Helena Moghoui, Sepideh Nouri, Sepideh Reza Qoli, Mohammad Hassan Shahi, Zahra Yousefi, Amir Hessam Bani, Hamed Fazli, Parisa Mahbaz, Mehdi Falah and Ali Abdul Hosseini.

Malata is an imaginary city with strange stories and a city in our mind that is drowned and forgotten in the sea of despair.

The crew: Mohammad Hassanshahi, Iman Hassanshahi (producer), Seyedeh Sara Parsamhar (assistant director and play supervisor), Alireza Anvari (assistant director), Mohammad Taat (stage designer), Ghat cultural group (project manager), Mohammad Taat (director consultant) , Maisam Taat (actor), Seyed Sajad Mousavi (head of the directing unit), Seyed Sejad Mousavi and Alireza Anuri (music designers), Mohammad Hassanshahi, Mohammad Taat (lighting designer), Zahra Yousefi (makeup designer and costume designer), Mehrnaz Moradinejad (photographer). and Shayan Salimzadeh (public relations and advertising and poster and graphic designer).

The show "35" will be on stage every night at 18:00 from tomorrow.

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