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"Dash Akol in Los Angeles" to be on air

Iran Theater- The radio drama Dash Akol in Los Angeles will be broadcast from March 17, at 1:30 in the morning, on Radio Namayesh.

The radio drama "Dash Akol in Los Angeles" written and supervised by Malihe Moradijaafari and written by Masoumeh Pakravan is broadcast on Radio Namayesh.

The story is about Dash Akol, a carpet merchant in Shiraz and interested in the art of cinema, who plans to travel to Los Angeles to find his sons Sohrab and Rostam, but other family members also find out and accompany him. In Los Angeles, Dash Akol is offered to act in a movie, and in the meantime, he finds his sons and...

"Dash Akol in Los Angeles" is directed by Bahram Sarvarinejad, produced by Farshad Azarnia, effect by Mohammadreza Ghobadifar, persenter by Mirtaher Mazloumi, sound recording by Jafar Jodati.

Some artists like Gorban Najafi, Razieh Momivand, Bahram Sarvarinejad, Masoumeh Azizmohammadi, Behnaz Bostandoost, Fariba Taheri, Ahmed Leshini, Bahador Ebrahimi, Shirin Sephahrad, Mohammad Reza Ghalambar, Negin Khaje Nasir, Mohammad Majdzadeh, Makan Rezaipour, Hamid Yazdani, Saeed Soltani, Mohammad Reza Ali, Abbas Towfighi, Daniyal Ebrahimi, Mandana Mohseni and Marvarid Karimpour  star in the show that will be broadcast on Radio Namayesh from March 27 at 1:30 am.

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