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Ahmad Damoud, a researcher and theater teacher, passed away

Iran Theater-Ahmad Damoud Mohaghegh, scholar, lecturer, translator and actor of theater, cinema and television of Iran died at the age of 83.

Shahram Gilabadi, theater director and cultural director, announced the news: "The news of the death of Master Damoud was announced today. He was at home for a long time due to his old age and underlying illness."

He also said that Details of Mr. Damoud's ceremony have not been announced yet.

The director added: "Ahmad Damoud is one of the famous researchers and a special professor who left good memories in the minds of his students."

In addition to acting and working in the theater, he was also an author. After taking the first training course of dramatic arts under the supervision of Mehdi Forough; He received his bachelor's degree in psychology from Tabriz University in 1970.

This late artist had a history of executive activity before the Islamic Revolution, and after the revolution, he went to America to continue his education and received a master's degree in cinema and television mass communication from Columbia University in the United States and a master's degree in theater education from Loyola University in the United States. He returned to Iran in the early 90s and worked as an actor as well as teacher.

He wrote several books such as "Principles of theater directing", "Acting technique", "About film directing", "Acting method", "Professional acting", "Acting technique" and "Practical work of an actor" and...







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