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Amir Dezhkam:

Theater means common understanding

Iran Theater- Amir Dezhkam, a veteran of performing arts center, says that theater means wisdom and common understanding. The main reason for the problems in our life is the lack of common understanding of the topics.

Amir Dezhkam is a playwright, actor and director of theater, cinema and television, with more than forty years of experience in the theater field, who has not staged a play since two years ago, but he is still struggling and trying to perform a new play.


He, who produces theater in different genres, had pay attention  to the ritual occasion of Nowruz, and  he performed a special play called "Nusrat Khanam, My Mother and Nowruz" in the main hall of City Theater Complex in 2012.

You are one of the few directors who have staged a work almost every year since your early years. Especially on special occasions such as Nowruz, you wrote and performed a good plays such as "Nusrat Khanum, My mother and Nowruz"; But why has your work been interrupted for the past few years?


- Yes, I am a director who has regularly directed shows from 1978 to 2020; In large halls with low budgets or in small halls and even in open areas! I performed a memorial play next to City Theater Complex, which did not give me a hall, and later I managed to perform it in Chaharsoo Hall. I was also active in domestic and foreign festivals. I have worked in theater for most of my life, because theater has been a part of my life. It didn't matter to me what manager with what point of view had responsibility and whether he wanted to implement his ideas or not. I was doing my own thing . How good it is for us to have a theater for the happy atmosphere of Nowruz, If we basically have a theater.  Last year was a difficult year for the theater and the theater community, due to the carelessness of the managers and trustees towards the conditions and economy of the theater artists... I heard that it was said somewhere that "theaters should take care of their own economy." When a manager says such a thing, the result is that the famous theater directors are no longer on the stage, the writers and stage actors are not on the stage... the theaters are not filled and even when there is a ban on performing and watching the theater, there is no wise sense. For example, let him say "France was under the occupation of Nazi Germany during the World War, but the theaters were on stage and performed." Theater has nothing to do with the policies of any government, rather it is a side cultural activity and should be performed.

Do you have a new show to perform that you couldn't make it to the stage?

Yes, I had the play "Ahmad Shams", which was a very fun, family and social play about the problems and pains of the people, the educated class and the middle class. I can even say that it is the first play that deals directly with the social issues of the day. However, the show could not be performed. They said it should be corrected, but they did not call me for correction, nor did anyone inform me

For  the new year, what suggestions or recommendations do you have for the authorities or your colleagues in the field of performing arts that will make theaters more prosperous?

- Theater means wisdom and common understanding. The main reason for the problems in our life is the lack of common understanding of the topics. If you do not have a common understanding of the red light, there will be a conflict at every intersection. It is this common understanding that keeps us behind the lines to move at times and stand at times. Theater is a strategic art, but what to say when our decision makers think that theater is like a pizza shop that needs to make money?




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