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Parisa Mohammadi on Theater Workshops

Iran Theater-Parisa Mohammadi considered the theater workshops as an attempt to understand the truth and self-knowledge of the students and emphasized that she never promises anyone to become a superstar because she does not know the way to achieve it.

She is actress and theater director, and one of the artists who has performed shows by holding theater workshops.


This artist has staged works such as "Sculpture", "Straight to the End of South Mansour Street" and "Artigoshe" with her students as workshop productions.  She directed shows like "Towards the Cowboy" and "Zaratasht" which were not workshop productions.

Mohammadi explains about her workshop productions: I like storytelling shows very much. The play that define a narrative, and beyond it, the concern and ideas that I have in mind are expressed.  So I usually give a plan and my colleagues as  playwright  wrote it during the rehearsal process and turn it into a play.


She believes that workshop production is very enjoyable: "In the plays that are done in the form of a workshop, we are faced with people who enter the theater with a series of ideals and dreams. Their pureness creates good things on stage. Although the students in these performances are not familiar with many techniques, but their existence is full of energy  and they expresses the truth that we are looking for it  on stage.


Mohammadi emphasizes that when most of the students are faced with the difficulty and process of theater work, they give up and do not pursue it: "Many times students have wrong hopes because of advertisements of acting schools and their only expectation is to become a star. The first question many of them ask me is when do we become a superstar and I always replied "I don't know how to become a superstar, if I knew I would be a superstar now. In this way, I never give them false hope and I don't say that they will become superstars with one performance or that something unexpected will happen to them.


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