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Shiva Dinarvand on Three Night with Maddox and the story of contemporary man

Iran Theater- Shiva Dinarvand, a stage director, said that she will direct Matei Visniec’s "Three Nights with Maddox" soon.

Shiva Dinarvand explained about the theme of this play: it tells the story of a contemporary man who is looking for happiness.


Born in Romania in 1956. From an early age, Matéi Visniec discovered literature as a space dedicated to freedom. He draws his strengths from Kafka, Dostoevsky, Poe, Lautréamont. He loves the Surrealists, the Dadaists, absurd and grotesque theatre, surrealist poetry, fantastic literature, magical realism, even the realist Anglo-Saxon theatre. He loves everything except Socialist Realism.


Shiva Dinarvand  is a young theater actress and director, who previously directed the shows "Steel does not rust" and "Parts of several lives" and She is busy with rehearsals for "Three Nights with Maddox".

"Three Nights with Maddox" is the story of a contemporary lonely man who is looking for a savior, a friend, and someone who can experience a pleasant feeling with him, Dinarvand said about this show.


She continued : Maddox literally means happiness, and all the people in the story are actually looking for happiness. They are waiting for someone to come and bring them happiness from outside. The five characters dream more than they pursue happiness. In fact, they live in a fantasy world to escape from loneliness


Dinarvand explains that this play is a philosophical-enigmatic work: I always like to experience a new atmosphere and direct different works. My two previous works were Iranian shows in a completely realistic atmosphere, but this time I decided to direct Three Nights with Maddox, which I have been very interested in since I was a student, in a different atmosphere.






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