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Babak Ghaderi : We tried to present an understandable show

Iran Theater-Babak Ghadri, the director of Iranian theater "Bright House", believes that if the audience from any family , class and culture come to see it, they will connect with the show because he tried to make it tangible and understandable for them.

The show " Bright House " directed by Babak Ghadri and written by Noushin Tabrizi is staging  in Arghvan Hall.

It  is about the life of a large and rich family that gathers together in one night, but the father of does not come home that night, and meanwhile the secrets of the family are revealed one by one, and there is resentment between the members of this family over the inheritance.

Babak Ghadri explained about the selection of the play written by Noushin Tabrizi: As you know, the main theme of the play is about family conflicts over paternal inheritance. Because this issue had happened to me, I always wanted to deal with it in some way. About a year and a half ago, I talked to Noushin Tabrizi and she decided to write it.

He added: that if the audience from any family , class and culture come to see it, they will connect with the show because our effort has been focused on making our show tangible and understandable for the audience.


Ghadri also discussed about the challenges of theater these days: "In Iran, working in theater may be difficult. When you are a director, you face many problems and challenges, and luckily we were able to bring "Bright House" to the stage. Of course, I must say that the producer Manouchehr Hadi, who is very supportive and compassionate with me to bring a dignified work to the stage with less problems.

The director of "Birght House" said that his new show is not a comedy: I think that it is not a comedy, but bitter, black and dramatic work; But in some moments, with the help of the playwright we have tried to make the audience feel better and laugh.


He explained about the cast: "Because I have many acting experience in theater and cinema, I have worked with many good directors, and so I know that I have to give my actors freedom to play and move. Fortunately, this experience allowed me to be with people who are perfect actors in their own place.

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