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The closing ceremony of the 7th Ta'zieh Festival took place in Jam County

Iran Theater-The 7th mourning Ta’zieh Festival of Iran came to the end with the presence of the Director General of Dramatic Arts and the artistic director of the 21st International Traditional and Ritual Festival in Jam County.

The 180-year-old Ta’zieh  Committee of Jam county from Bushehr province hosted the 7th National Mourning Ta’zieh Festival in the last ten days of the month of Safar, which was held from Spetember 6 at the same time as  Arbaeen to September 15.

The closing ceremony was held with the presence of Kazem Nazari (Director General of Dramatic Arts) and Ahmad Joulaie (Tazia expert and artistic director of the 21st International Traditional and Ritual Theater Festival) with the honoring of Pir Gholaman and the selected Ta’zieh performers  and the performance of two  Wahb and Abdullah Hasan Majles  by the Shah Neshin Board of Jam from Bushehr province.

The 7th mourning Ta’zieh Festival was held with Ali Afshinparishan as artistic director. The festival hosts the artists of ten Ta'zieh groups from different cities and provinces, including Minab city (Hormozgan), Cheliche city ( Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari), Kerman city ( Kerman province), Shushtar city ( Khuzestan), Tafaresh ( Markzai province), Shahroud city ( Semnan ), Deh Qaid (Dashtestan Bushehr ), Qazvin city ( Qazvin province ) and Mehr city ( Fars province).

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