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Mehrdad Qorankish on theater shows for Teenagers

Iran Theater-Mehrdad Qorankish, the writer and director of the theatre shows for children, stated that the continuous activity of the stage artists in this area has made the cultural centers known as the hubs of children's theater, he talked about the lack of the teenage theater in the context of cultivation culture to attract an adult audience.

Mehrdad Qorankish is the writer and director of children's theater and also the head of Tak art group, which started its activity in the field of children's theater in 1999.


Since the beginning of November, this artist has directed two children's shows, "Little Red Riding Hood" at Farhang Noor House and "Goldone and Pumpkin" at Ibn Sina cultural center.

Regarding the simultaneous performance of two shows, Qoran Kish said: "Each of the performances was prepared and produced by two completely separate and professional groups, and their simultaneity in terms of rehearsal and performance did not have a negative effect on the quality of the works. Goldone and Pumpkin also has a completely Iranian story and deals with the issue of avoiding laziness"

Qorankish stated that he started his professional career as a puppeteer of children's shows: "Since the late 90’s I began my career as a puppeteer and with discovery and intuitions of children's work,  I learnt how to communicate with the audience and the world of this kind of show. From the beginning, I considered Children Theater like a specialized doctorate, and I did not look at this kind of show as a way to enter the adult theater."

He explained: "The only thing my group and I didn't think about at first was the economy. We slowly got to know the working environment and its diverse styles, and this made us make good progress in the preparation and production of children's shows. "

Qorankish thinks that the production of children's theater in cultural centers has no financial support: "Therefore, the groups independently undertake all their work from preparation and production to advertising. However, many theaters share the income from ticket sales with the group without helping in the promotion of the show. "

This director believes that the constant performance of children's shows in cultural centers has attracted children's audiences with minimal advertising and if adult theaters also perform continuously there, they will definitely find their audience.



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