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Ehsan Majidi on Magic fish bone

Iran Theater- Ehsan Majidi, the director of " Magic fish bone " stated that the lack of suitable infrastructure in terms of text and performance hall for the production of teenager theater is one of the main problems, He believes that children's shows sets alarm bells.

Ehsan Majidi is a playwright, actor and theater director, and the audience knows him mostly because of the works he prepared and produced in the field of children and teenagers.He has directed the show "Magic Fish Bone" in the hall of Ostad Zolfaghari in Arsbaran Cultural Center.


" Magic fish bone " is the story of Sarah's life, the eldest child of the king and queen, who has eighteen siblings. The king's salary is not enough   for the living expenses and the queen is sick. The kind angel asks Sarah to make a wish with the fish bone in her possession, and Sarah wishes that...


Iran Theater talks with Ehsan Majidi on Magic fish bone.


The show opens with the line, "It's a fairy tale, but it's very different from any fairy tale you've ever seen." What is the difference?

- This play is one of Manouchehr Akbarlou's best children plays, which refers to the philosophy of happiness. A  story that seriously talks to children and puts them in different paths of choice to make decisions and ask themselves what they would wish for if they were in the place of the main character of the story. Actually, the difference of the story is in dealing with the philosophy of happiness and the different view that the character has on it.


How do you consider children's shows to be effective in conveying deep concepts such as happiness and other children's concerns?

- Personally, I am very interested in talking with children in a direct way. I have started producing shows in children's language and about their concerns, and in my works I talk about all topics except political issues, which I don't see in accordance with children's spirit and perspective.


Children understand social issues correctly. In this show, we have an educational approach and deal with children with low family income and teach them that not all the parents are supposed to be rich. This show is not only produced for children, but it is a family work that is more focused on its content and story.


Do you find ancient fiction effective and inspiring in the field of production of dramatic works to communicate with this age group?

- We have books and legends as if their language is for children. Literature of Persian speaking regions is so rich and includes various stories and legends that it can definitely be the basis of dramatic plays for this age group and communicate with them. The works of contemporary writers have added to the richness of these valuable contents in the form of stories and legends and definitely have a great impact on the production ofchildren's works.a

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