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Two new shows to stage at Honar Hall

Iran Theater-The show "Doone Barf Arzoo/Wish snowflake" directed by Mandana Abghari and "The Wizard of Oz" directed by Mehdi Ghaleh will start their performances in Honar Hall on November 19 and November 22, respectively

The happy and musical show "Doone Barf Arezoo/ Wish Snowflake" written and performed by Mandana Abghari will be staged on November 22 at 5:00 PM in Honar Hall. It’s featuring Mandana Abghari, Fateme Khorasani, Diyar Baghi, Fariba Khalili, Narges Morovatti, Mohammad -Reza Lotfi, Saeed Sultanian, Sina Moini and Saba Helalat. Alireza Dehghani works as a director's consultant and set designer.


With a psychological approach, " Wish Snowflake " deals with children who sometimes become obsessed and worried because of the changes that happen in the family, And parents' attention to them may decrease.

The show "Snowflake of Desire" with fantasy puppet and the creation of magical and otherworldly moments presents the world before birth to the hero of the story, Arayli, and assures her of the love and kindness of parents towards their children.

"The Wizard of Oz" directed by Mehdi Ghaleh; is a show that was staged in the spring season at Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults. It restages at Honar Hall since November 22.

The show "The Wizard of Oz" is written by Anne Coulter Martens and translated by Hossein Fadaei-Hossein.


When the lights go up and Dorothy finds herself in the land of Oz -- being hailed by the Munchkins for saving them from the Wicked Witch of the East -- it is a pretty bewildering experience for a little girl from Kansas

Niloufar Sayari, Ali Safa, Sahar Safarpour, Qasem Ansari-shad, Mohsen Qasri, Shadi Kaara’ieen star in the show.

 It was introduced as one of the three best-selling works of children's and young Adult shows on Tiwall website during last season,








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