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Matei Visniec’s Attention aux vieilles dames rongées par la solitude comes to Tehran

Iran Theater-The cast of the show " Attention aux vieilles dames rongées par la solitude " were introduced and the official poster was unveiled.

This play is written by Matei Visniec, translated by Mohammad Tamadoni and designed and directed by Amir Arslan Khalowi, which is staged in the Hamon Theater. It’s featuring Saeed Azimi, Yeganeh Shamsabadi, Rosha Sedighian, Sina Nadaf, Mahdis Farahani, Amir Arsham Khalili, Nariman Heydari, Abbas Khodaverdian, Mohammad Niazi, Ali Ezadi, Milad Sharif, Hamed Morbardi, Saeed Hashemi, Reza Shahi, Mohsen Jalali Rad, Dorsa Hakim.


From an early age, Matei Vişniec discovered literature as a space dedicated to freedom. He draws his strengths from Kafka, Dostoevsky, Poe, Lautréamont. He loves the Surrealists, the Dadaists, absurd and grotesque theatre, surrealist poetry, fantastic literature, magical realism, even the realist Anglo-Saxon theatre. He loves everything except Socialist Realism.

Vişniec studied philosophy at Bucharest University and became an active member of the so-called Eighties Generation, who left a clear stamp on the Romanian literature.

Before 1987 Matei Vişniec had made a name for himself in Romania by his clear, lucid, bitter poetry. Starting with 1977, he wrote drama; the plays were much circulated in the literary milieus but were barred from staging. In September 1987, Vişniec left Romania for France, where he was granted political asylum. He started writing in French and began working for Radio France Internationale. At the present time, Vişniec has had many of his works staged in France, and some twenty of his plays written in French are published (Actes Sud-Papier, L'Harmattan, Lansman). His plays have been staged in more than 20 countries. In Romania, after the fall of Communism, Matei Vişniec has become one of the most frequently performed authors.



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