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Theater Artists on the passing of Iranian President Ayatollah Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi

President Raisi loved serving the country

Iran Theater- Iranian theater artists described Ayatollah Raisi as a popular, simple-minded, art-loving and ethical president and expressed their condolences for the passing of Iranian President.

Following the death of Ayatollah Raisi, the Islamic President of Iran, and Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian along and accompanying delegation in a tragic helicopter crash, Hundreds of Iranian artists expressed their condolences for this painful event by publishing messages or holding conversations.


You are reading an abstract of the words of four theater artists who talked about the incident with the Iran Theater website:

Houshang Tavakoli: Being a people person was the most important characteristic of the president of Iran

-The president Raisi's mystical lifestyle and his relationships with people were popular with everyone, especially those who knew him personally.

- He formed the government board with the aim of rejuvenation and introduced Dr. Esmaili, who is full of new and revolutionary ideas, to manage the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and supported Ismaili's actions until the last moment of his blessed life.


- Due to the right choice of Ayatollah Raisi, these days all the artists are satisfied with the artistic vice-chancellor who are the department of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.


Tajbakhsh Fanaiyan: Ayatollah Raisi for the first time ordered the preparation of arts documents

Ayatollah Raisi, as the president and head of the Cultural Revolution Council, for the first time in the history of the Islamic Revolution, ordered the preparation of documents about the arts, which will open the way and support artists in the process of content production.

- Raisi had a strong will to organize economic, political and cultural affairs and foreign policy in Iran, and in this regard he created solid foundations that will continue in the future.

Reza Rooygari: Raisi was a person of culture and art


I am very saddened by this incident and the death of Ayatollah Raisi, because this incident was not easy at all and my mood changed when I heard this bitter news, and I was really shocked for a while.

- The government of Ayatollah Raisi attached special importance to the welfare of artists, especially veterans. Our veteran artists loved Mr. Raisi and his government's service to  Iranian has been proven.
Farhad Ghaemian: Ebrahim Raisi loved to serve people

The late Ebrahim Raisi was a dutiful statesman who loved to serve the people and his efforts in the field of solving cultural and artistic issues always encouraged the artists.

He was sincerely trying to support artists and it must be said that he was a unique example of loyalty, patriotism. He was the president whose loss is very bitter and sad.

A leader with a generous heart, honest intention, deep thought and jihadist spirit, always tried to solve the problems of people, especially in remote and less privileged areas.








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