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Siamak Safari: I have stage fright

Iran Theater-Siamak Safari, the stage actor and director revealed that he has stage fright and said that this fear is partly related to the play and the director's view.

Siamak Safari, stage actor and director, works as a consultant with the youth group of the show "Waiting for Godot" directed by Amir- Hossein Javani, which will be staged on the July  4 at the Kakh Honar.
This veteran theater artist said about working with young people: "My participation in a project like Waiting for Godot is based on the request of creative and enthusiastic young people. They wanted a person who, in their opinion, has more experience in theater to be in the course of their activities and work."

He talked about his plan to perform the show: "I would still love to collaborate with students to produce a workshop show, but unfortunately, the conditions in terms of time and funding are not provided."

Safari also said about his lack of work in the theater: "Being on stage is associated with fear for me. This fear is partly related to the play and the director's view.How a director sees the scene and what principles he has is very important."

He continued: "I have to be satisfied with the character that I play on stage, and it's a bit hard to find such a role these days. Being able to see the ideal form of a work on the stage makes me hesitant to choose and accept a role. But I still hope that there will be a situation where I can be in the theater with people who think like me and play a role that I like."



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