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An Iranian promising star, Yasna Mirtahmaseb:Theater is the best experience of my life

Iran Theater- Yasna Mirtahmaseb, the actor of the show " Breaking the Imaginary Line " considers the theater the best experience of his life and says theater has a strange world that has attracted him .

Yasna Mirtahmaseb is an Iranian actor, born in Esfahan. He started his acting career when he was 12 and his first project was a short film called "And We Passed By" directed by Parisa Gorgin. After that he worked with Houman Seyedi on "13" which was his first serious film and he played a main character in that project. Yasna Mirtahmasb won the Best Actor Award for his performance in “Roxana” by Parviz Shahbazi at the 36th Tokyo International Film Festival .

In his second experience as stage actor,Yasna Mirtahmaseb, a cinema and theater actor, will be on stage  with "Breaking the Imaginary  Line" written and directed by Rasool Kahani at Malek Theater.

This actor considered the director as the first reason for accepting a role and said: "Definitely my priority for appearing in a play  is director. In order to work with some directors, you don't need to check and search their resume, and if you are invited to work with them, whether in the cinema or in the theater, you are lucky. And of course, after that I consider the play and the group.


He added: " I have one experienced as an stage actor  in "Once upon a time, which was a very valuable experience. In that show, I sang, did the form movements and acted. It was a difficult task to coordinate all three tasks for the first experience. Of course, it is possible that some of the audience were unhappy with the previous performance, but I always think that if the problem was with my performance; For the next experience, I will use my experience that I gained from my first show.”


The actor of the show " Breaking the Imaginary  Line " said that being in front of the audience is attractive to him: "The theater was the best experience of my life and this presence has stuck with me so much that sometimes I ask myself ,Has life on stage been better than the first performance in front of the camera or the first award I received?!”


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