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Saman Arastoo: Protesting Is the Work of Dario Fo

 “All the Thieves Are not Thief” written by Dario Fo has two performances in two theatre halls in Tehran.

.Itan Theatre- Saman Arstoo who directed “All the Thieves Are not Thief” in Master Mashahyekhi Hall said that he like Dario Fo’s works very much. The text has special look to social subjects; a look which is close to Iranian ones.”

Arastoo says that the play has not the classical form and explains: “Everything in the play is minimal, so audiences watch a simple and realistic performance; a play which has a documentary-shape and speaks about modern talks.”

He talked about the simultaneous performances of these two plays on one text in two theatre halls in Tehran and says: “I didn’t see the play and the only interview I’ve read was that the play is based on comedy del arte and I have to say that his plays are not appropriate for being performed in comedy del arte. His work is protest and he always has reaction to happening around.”

In “All the Thieves Are not Thief” we face to a house which has a mal system. People who live in the house claim on things which are out of their acts. Some corrupt relationships are between them but their slogans are right, so someone who comes for rubbery is more clean than other who live in the house.” He added.

All the Thieves Are not Thief” written by Dario Fo and directed by Saman Arastoo with acting Mehri Zandi, Ali Khonsari, Fereshteh Mostoufi, Morteza Khaleghi, Mansoureh Pasandideh, and Soheil Panahi will be performed in Master Mashayekhi theatre hall in Valiyeasr Cross at 20:30 on January 7th.