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  • “Matryoshka” Again

    Parsa Pirouzfar in Paliz Theater

    Parsa Pirouzfar in Paliz Theater

    The piece, which was performed from September 5 to October 7 in Iranshahr Theater, will start again from November 21 till January 8 at 5 pm in Paliz Theater.

    The piece is inspired by eight short stories of Anton Chekhov.  Parsa Pirouzfar will have a solo performance in the show.

    Other members of the piece include Noreddin Haydari, executive of the plan, Mohammad Goudarziani, assistant director and planner, Bahareh Mosadeghian, costume and set designer, Mohammad Sadeq Zarjouyan, graphic designer and photographer and Arash Safaei, secretary.

    The eight-episode “Matryoshka” was welcomed by the audience in Los Angeles, San Diego, Berkley, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.  

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