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At 17th Resistance Theater Festival

The line-up of street and environmental theater section to announce

Iran Theater- The selected works of the street and environmental theater section were introduced.

The selection committee consisting of Dr. Hamidreza Afshar, Sirous Hemmati and Amir Karbalaeizadeh, selected 20 plays from 60 works sent to the secretariat.


The list is as follows

1) epidemic; Writer and Director: Saeed Badini (Sistan and Baluchestan Province)

2) Hemilo; writer: Hayam Ahmadi, director: Faramarz Gholamian (Isfahan Province)

3) survivors; Writer and Director: Hadi Kiani (Isfahan Province)

4) All my paintings; Writer: Zahra Moridi- Maral Izadbakhsh , Director: Amir Mohammad Ensafi (Tehran Province)

5) sensitive skin; writer: Fereshteh Hosseini, director: Arezoo Baloch Jafari (Kerman Province)

6) breath; Writer and Director: Masoud Ebrahimi (Isfahan Province)

7) Biz Och Nafar; Writer and Director: Mohammad Yousefizadeh (East Azerbaijan Province)

8) I did not count the last twenty; Writer and Director: Mostafa Kolivandi (Ilam Province)

9) Please film me; Writer and Director: Marjan Karami (Markazi Province)

10) Shoseh ; Writer: Simin Behfar, Director: Ahmad Jafari (Tehran Province)

11) Who is responsible; writer: Reza Bahrami and Maral Izadbakhsh, Director: Maral Izadbakhsh (Tehran Province)

12) some years after that incident; Writer and Director: Mehdi Habibi (Hamadan Province)

13) hero; writer: Asghar Grossi, director: Alireza Danandehfar (Alborz Province)

14) Life story; Writer and Director: Parvin Malek Alaei (Tehran Province)

15) Ali Sootbolboli; writer: Mostafa Jafari Khozani, Director: Maryam Dosti (Isfahan Province)

16) Life with the taste of gunpowder; Writer and Director: Mojtaba Khalili (Isfahan Province)

17) Underwater bubbles; writer: Jalal Hassanvand, Director: Jalal Hassanvand-Alireza Shams (Isfahan Province)

18) The era of love; Writer and Director: Amir Amini (Gilan Province)

19) He is Pahlavan Akbar; Writer: Afshin Soltani, Director: Mostafa Dahesht (Kermanshah province)

20) General Sun; Writer and Director: Saeed Khairollahi (Ilam Province)

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