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Hadi Kazemi:

Acting is hard work

Iran Theater-In a telephone conversation with Namayesh Radio, Hadi Kazemi –a cinema and television actor, emphasized: Enter the field of art and continue in any field you like.

He said about his roles: "I have played both comedy roles and serious roles, of course I played a higher percentage of comedy roles, but I have no sensitivity and obsession about comedy roles or drama roles, I play what I like.”

Hadi Kazemi added:” I started acting and theater classes at the age of 14 or 15, but from the beginning I did not think that one day I would play comedy roles because most of the etudes and rehearsals I did were serious work, but I entered comedy based on destiny.”

Kazemi further advised those who love the glory of acting that one should not love acting because of these things. it is very tedious work and it is not what is seen at all. Currently, there are more than one or two million actors in theater, cinema, television . And if someone wants to become actor he must work hard, which means that he must have a lot of patience to be able to enter the world of art .”


He added: "Even now, due to the current broken system, in which a series of actors are present in most projects, it is very difficult to join these 10 or 15 people who are prominent in the art world, and it requires a lot of patience .”


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