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MY Fair Lady is welcomed by the audience

Iran Theater- The performance time of Gulab Adineh’s MY Fair Lady will be changed.

MY Fair Lady” has been on stage at City Theater Hall and is welcomed by the audiences.



According to the plans, the  show will go on stage from Sunday, the 6th of December, until the end of the performances at 18:45.



The musical is based on an adaptation by Alan Jay Lerner, the Oscar, Tony, and Grammy-award winning playwright and lyricist inspired by the musical adaptation of the play Pygmalion, by George Bernard Shaw (1912).


George Cukor’s 1964 film “My Fair Lady”, starring Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn, was adapted from the 1956 Broadway musical by Lerner.

This show is performed with a duration of 160 minutes (with intermission) and a ticket price of 90,000 Tomans



The story centers on phonetics expert Henry Higgins who is taking notes on the accents of those around him, (Hepburn). He tells language expert Col. Hugh Pickering that, given enough time, he could teach Eliza to speak English well enough for her to be taken for a duchess.


The following morning Eliza arrives at Higgins’s home, seeking elocution lessons in order to gain employment at a flower shop. Pickering declares that he will pay for such lessons if Higgins can make good on his claim. Higgins agrees to help Eliza, who moves into his home.





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