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The cast of “Pure Madenss” to announce

Iran Theater-Amin Miri, Sam Kaboudvand, Ali Abdali, Misagh Zare, Ali Pouya Ghasemi will play roles in the Pure Madness directed by Alireza Kushk-Jalali.

The play is co-produced by Hamidreza Alinejad and Hatef Kalateh.

The play "Pure Madness", one of the most popular comedies in Europe and the best play of 1982 in England, shows the atmosphere of a theatrical group during a rehearsing. The members of the group try to create order from within the existing chaos. But with each action they take, Things are getting worse. we also see a pure anarchy.

“pure Madenss” is based on a play by Michael Farin.

Alireza Koushk Jalali, is an Iranian theatre director and playwright. Currently, he resides in Cologne, Germany, where he also made his first German production in 1986.


Michael Farin was born in 1953 in Rotenburg (Wümme), Lower Saxony, Germany. He is a writer and playwright responsible for films like known for 2000 vu par... Une collection internationale (1998), The Deathmaker (1995) and Frankfurt - Millennium (1998).

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